Dealing with the loss of bladder control

Dealing with the loss of bladder control is one of the commonest distressing problems that some stroke carers and those who experienced a stroke face – sometimes on an almost daily basis.

In the health field, the loss of bladder control is called “urinary incontinence”.

Research has shown that of those who admit a hospital with a stroke, 40 – 60 percent lose the ability of bladder control. However, some – 20- 40 percent – regain control after a few weeks. And, another percentage – 10-20 percent – regain after about six months.

This problem costs an innumerable number of hours, sleepless nights, and of course a lot of money. It also destroys self-esteem and restricts social life.

Here, knowledge is the key.

Learn how our body produces, transports, stores, and removes urine out of the body. And, learn how stroke interrupts this mechanism. Furthermore, find out the best practices recommended by experts.

We invite readers to share their hard-earned best experience about practical ways and means of dealing with this problem for the benefit of others who begin this life-changing journey.

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