Diaper banks: a novel concept

It is amazing: While I was researching about urine and fecal incontinence for this blog, I stumbled on to the idea of “diaper bank”. The following is what I found when I went down along that road.

The Wikipedia carries a page under than topic: “diaper bank”. It provides several clues to explore the origin of this concept.

In 1994, Hildy Gottlieb and Dimitri Petropolis, the owners of a local consulting company – ReSolve Inc., – launched a y. diaper drive for a local nursery in Tucson, Arizona. Less than a month of publicity drive, they have managed to collect 20,000 diapers! What an achievement!

Not only that, within five years, it shot up to 300,000. However, these campaigns had been targeted at baby diapers.

Since 2000, it has been operating as “Community Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona” as a free standing non-profit organization.

After that, several other local initiatives have been taking place in other provinces. In 2004, Joanne Samuel Goldblum, a social worker from New Heaven, based on her experience, started her bank and later, according to Wikipedia, has taken leadership to establish the national diaper bank network. It seems now in the US, this network distributes more than 2.5 million clean diapers annually. However, its target group is families with babies as per their mission statement. Nevertheless, some of these organizations seem to give away adult diapers too.

Do you want to start a diaper drive campaign?

The diaper bank of Southern Arizona, on its website, provides a very useful diaper drive kit. It includes following tools;

Furthermore, I found some useful advice for those who are seeking for insurance and reimbursement facilities. You can access those resources through this link: https://continencecentral.org/reimbursement-insurance/.

There are a large number of resources about incontinence. The following website was useful for me in writing this post: https://simonfoundation.org/.

If you are aware about more information about diaper banks, you are welcome to add to this post via comments section.

Author: Prasantha De Silva

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