Physical activities and exercise after stroke

Research has consistently demonstrated structured exercise programs support the brain’s attempts to reassign the dead neurons’ jobs to its neighbors. However, there is a catch; there is a limited time-window. The brain responds positively to our contributions best within the first six months. Its enthusiasm wanes starting from the first few weeks after a stroke event towards the end of the six months. That does not mean it stops after that period; it continues to repair but at a slower speed.

That is why this page brings life-changing crucial knowledge to you based on the published research in reputable peer-review journals. The following are the posts published so far. This page curates the posts published on this website with time.

Why early mobility is so crucial?

We need to know first why early mobility is so crucial for better recovery later. This post brings you research evidence to support this claim.

Glossary of Terms

Because of its crucial importance, we need to begin the journey with a good understanding of the concepts and the terms used in this domain. That is why we need to know the glossary of terms on physical fitness and exercise.

Exercise after stroke

This is the main post that addresses the core elements of this topic: Physical activities and exercise after stroke. It includes a number of links to resources that you can use to create your own exercise program. The links are from credible sources.

Blending cardio with muscle strengthening exercises

This post delves a little bit deeper into the exercise after stroke subject: The importance of blending cardio into the muscle strengthening exercises. Not only these two types an exercise program typically should include balancing exercises also.

Improving upper limb weakness

The upper limb weakness requires special attention. This post focuses on this subject: How to improve upper limb weakness.

Exercise after stroke guidelines and manuals

There are a large number of resources – guidelines and manuals – available worldwide for stroke carers – healthcare professionals, other formal and informal stroke carers – for reference. This post curates those resources available on the web.

Research advances on exercise after stroke

Significant research advances is happening on exercise after stroke. This page curates such advances for easy reference;