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Strokecarer.com brings the best science about stroke recovery for stroke carers and those affected. To achieve this mission we review the published best quality research and standard guidelines.

Firstly, we begin our explorative journey with this crucial life-changing question. Do you know our brain works faster to reclaim lost functions during the first few weeks after stroke?

However, the brain continues its reclaiming efforts during the first six months. Furthermore, even after the first six months, it still continues but at a much slower rate.

The good news is this. The brain accepts and expects our assistance provided we give at the correct time in adequate amounts.

Remember, we have a time limit. Brian responds best to our “correct and adequate” assistance in the first six months in descending order starting from the first few weeks.

This is where strokecarer.com comes in.

Strokecarer.com mission

We, strokecarer.com, bring the best science to optimize stroke carers’ efforts of assisting their loved ones to reclaim and re-purpose their lives. To achieve this mission, It follows the following model.

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