Urine absorbent products for men to deal with incontinence


A variety of urine absorbent products for men exist in the market. Some products – pull-ups and diapers – wear both men and women. I wrote about those in one of my earlier posts.

This post is about urine absorbent products for men.


Men wear inserts, as its name by itself implies, are placed inside the diaper or brief. For men, some products exist in the market to contain urine as it comes out of the penis. One such product is the pouch (leaf).

Leafs or Pouches: Inserts for men who dribble urine
A pouch (Leaf): Source: www.srtokecarer.com)

The pouches or leafs are for men who dribble urine in very little amounts. As its name implies it covers only the penis so that urine does not spread around the scrotum and groin area. It holds about 1-2 ml of urine.

Baby diapers

Baby diapers (size 1) are creative alternatives some people use particularly during day time. You can wrap it around the penis. Obviously, it is not suitable for men whose penis is now retracted. These products can hold little more urine than pouches. The main advantage of this over pads is that you can remove it if it is wet and can insert a new one during the day easily.

Pads (also called liners, leaves, sheaths, shields or guards)

Unlike pouches and baby diapers, pads (sheaths or guards) cover the groin allowing urine to spread around the area. Not only men who dribble but those who leak a lot of urine also wear these. Pads have an adhesive strip on the outer layer to paste it on to either brief or adult diaper with tabs with the aim of keeping it in place.

These pads are available in small and large sizes. While small ones are used by men who dribble urine large sizes are used by those who leak moderate – large amounts of urine.

Small disposable pads

The following is an example of small incontinence pads with its outer and inner views.

large incontinence pads

The following video clip published by continence product advisor.org shows you the step-by-step about wearing a pad.

How to wear an incontinent pad (source: incontinent product advisor

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