Urinary incontinence

Dealing with urinary incontinence is one of the commonest problems for strokecarers and those living with a stroke.

This problem costs an innumerable number of hours, sleepless nights, and of course a lot of money. It also destroys self-esteem and restricts social life.

How urinary incontinence occurs after stroke

The first step to deal with urinary incontinence would be to learn and understand better how the problem occurs as a result of a stroke. This post – urinary incontinence problems after stroke – describes and discusses this topic in detail: How our body produces, transports, stores, and removes urine from the body, how stroke interrupts this process. Furthermore, you can find out the best practices recommended by experts about how to deal with it.

Absorbent products

The absorbent products ma be necessary for certain groups of people living with a stroke. The following two posts discusses about how these products work and different types.

We invite readers to share their hard-earned best experience about practical ways and means of dealing with this problem for the benefit of others who begin this life-changing journey.

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