Movement recovery after stroke

Researchers have uncovered best practices about how to assist the damaged brain in its efforts to regain movements. This page highlights key facts that the standard guidelines recommend to practice for better results.

Six basic rules to regain movements after stroke

The standard recommendations are summarised into six basic rules in this post about what to do for better results in the rehab process.

human sitting on a chair touching a cup on the table

How to recover arm & hand movements after stroke

This post reviews how to apply the above basic rules to recover arm and hand movements after stroke.

a human walking in the middle surrounded by six basic rules of movement recovery

Best practices to recover walking ability

This post reviews the recommendations about how to apply basic rules to recover walking ability after stroke.

The infographic shows two sitting in front of a table with yellow background.

Games like card play help improving hand/arm recovery.

Playing cards, dominos, bingo, Jenga, and ball games contribute to arm and hand recovery after a stroke in addition to your standard physio and occupational therapy program.

colored neuron in a tissue culture

Research advances on exercise after stroke

This post summarises the recent research advances on exercise after stroke.

The left image source: Wikimedia Commons; Author: Garry Show, under the license of Creative Commons CC BY SA 3.0.