About this project

Strokecarer.com promotes stroke survivors and their caregivers to engage in the best evidence-informed stroke recovery practice. We do it by improving access to the best quality research and standard guidelines that exist in the world to date.

The display name of the main contributor is Ed Jerard. He is an experienced international medical graduate, a research analyst and a community health professional working in Ontario, Canada.

Contact information:

Anyone can contact us through: strokecarer.com@gmail.com

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/StrokecarerC

Project aim: To contribute to bridging the knowledge-practice gap in stroke rehabilitation

This project aims to contribute to the efforts of bridging the knowledge-practice gap. Its primary target audience is stroke carer givers; they include both formally trained healthcare workers and family members and loved ones, who are the primary carers.

The good news is that the brain accepts and expects our assistance provided we give it at the correct time in adequate amounts.

Strokecarer.com mission:

We, strokecarer.com, bring the best science to optimize stroke carers’ efforts of assisting their loved ones to reclaim and re-purpose their lives. To achieve this mission, It follows the following model.

This project operates as a not-for-profit business venture.


Kindly, do not use its content as medical advice and treat any medical condition of either yourself or others.

Consult your physician for any medical issues you may be having.

We hope the conversations that take place here will be educational, thought-provoking, and constructive.

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