This post curates free online stroke recovery tools. These help you a lot because government-funded rehab programs provide only limited sessions. For the rest, you need to hire a physiotherapist.

Continued rehab at home is the only answer. But it requires continued support and a high degree of motivation.

Why such tools are so useful?

This is the reason. If you adhere to the following rules, they will regain the lost movements more.

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Follow these rules to regain movements after a stroke

Do you know more free resources available online free? Please mention those in the comment section for others’ benefit.


GRASP is a free, very useful resource to regain arm and hand movements after a stroke. It is a product of the University of British Columbia’s researcher-practitioner, Dr Janice Eng, PhD, PT/OT. She and her team developed this resource after a comprehensive neuro-rehab research program; it has two versions: A hospital version and a home version. Both versions consist of books, manuals, and video clips.

You can access this resource through this link:


FAME is a group exercise program developed for people with stroke who have some standing and walking ability.  Research has shown that this program improved mobility, cardiovascular fitness, and arm and hand function. A physical therapist or occupational therapist instructed the patient in the program, but the patient did the program independently.

Here is the link:

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