A fitted, raised toilet seat
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Toileting aids

Toileting aids for a person with a stroke is a must. Various devices exist to cater different needs of such a person depending on their ability to sit or stand. While some visit the wash room with assistance, others use aids on the bed.

Following are the two useful toileting frames that are commonly in use out of a vast range of products. You all can add more to it under the comments section, or through the Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/strokecarer/. And, you also can add photos through the Instagram page; https://www.instagram.com/photovoiceforstrokecarers/.

A wall-fitted grab rail

A wall-fixed grab rail

Wall-fixed grab rails: These are essential to enter into the washroom, sit, and stand.

A raised toilet seat

A fitted, raised toilet seat

Raised toilet seat with its fitted frame: As you can see, it is on wheels; it can be moved to anywhere whenever the mobility becomes restricted with time. There are models that can change the height of the set too.