Urine incontinence results in seeking residential care

Cochrane reviews about urine incontinence

According to a Canadian Continence Foundation report, published in December 2014, urinary incontinence leads among other reasons to seek a bed in residential care both in the US and in Canada. The report further claims that as many as 3.5 million Canadians experience some form of incontinence – either urinary, fecal or both.

Keep in mind that not all people acknowledge the existence of this problem due to the embarrassment of divulging that sort of information to a researcher – an outsider.  

Because those with incontinence spend more time in clinics and hospitals, family caregivers spend innumerable numbers of their productive hours in clinics.   

And, we know that due to the ageing of the population – an unavoidable phenomenon – this the negative impact of the problem grows exponentially.

So, what can we do?   

Learn a little bit more about how urge urine incontinence occurs among those who face a stroke by clicking this link: https://www.strokecarer.com/peeing-problem-in-a-stroke/

Do you have similar experience and what actions you take to address this problem? Would you like to share for the benefit of others? 

You can reach the Canadian report that I referred to in this post via this link: http://www.canadiancontinence.ca/pdfs/en-incontinence-a-canadian-perspective-2014.pdf

Author: Prasantha De Silva

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