How-To Guides for stroke caregivers

Spread the love brings the best available evidence-based knowledge of stroke care in the form of “How-ToGuides for stroke caregivers. It strives to make stroke care knowledge universally accessible.

“How-To” guide on regaining Activities of Daily Living

“How-To” guide to recover bladder control

This image relates to stroke-associated pee problems.

Stroke caregivers can use the following two methods before trying anything else in regaining bladder control after stroke: Bladder retraining and pelvic muscle exercises Read more…

“How – To” guide about choosing correct absorbent products

How to choose body-worn absorbent products to manage incontinence

Stroke caregivers need guidance in choosing the correct absorbent products. This buying guide will help you to choose the most suitable one. Read more…

“How -To” to prevent bedsores (pressure injuries)

a hospital bed

Preventing bedsores among stroke survivors is easy when stroke caregivers know how to do that. Read more…

“How -To” recognize a stroke

Stroke kills 32,000 every second.

Time is the key to minimize brain damage from a stroke event. Everyone needs to know the warning stroke symptoms and signs. Read more…