There are a few free online tools that help you recover movements after a stroke in Canada. This post summarises such tools with links for you to register and follow.

Also, find the best practices that experts recommend to regain movements after a stroke in this post on five basic rules. Moreover, you can find specific guidelines in these posts to regain arm and hand movements and walking ability after a stroke.

At least 40 out of 100 of those who rush to an emergency room with a stroke have no bladder control. Of them, 25 may leave the hospital with urine incontinence. It is useful to know how a stroke causes incontinence and the different types of bladder problems. There are effective methods to regain bladder control.

Stroke caregivers play a very big role in providing personal care to and helping to regain activities of daily living for stroke survivors. Among many, preventing bed and pressure sores is preventable and essential. Find out what experts suggest as best practices to prevent bed sores after a stroke. Similarly, Find out the detrimental effects of prolonged bed rest.

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