Cboard for speech impairment

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Cboard is a free app for anyone who can use it for speech impairment. This is great news for the caregivers of those with speech and language difficulties.

This is how it works: do they need something to tell? such as I need water. they see the visual, click it, and we hear it. The good thing is that we can customize it for our needs. Loads of pictures are available as pictograms.

This is the link:https://www.cboard.io/.

Enter the website; You will see the front page as shown below. Then, start your Cboard.

Then, sign up.

Then, you will receive an email for confirmation.

unlock it. now, you can build a board. Once you registered you can enter into a page below and can start building your boards.

This is what I built; a simple one.

Are you happy?

Similarly, you can customize your board according to your requirements.

More importantly, you can download its app to your phone too.

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Author: Ed Jerard

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