A free screen reader for the visually impaired

A stroke may either weaken vision or completely shut it off. And, those who are aged may have lower vision due to age. This is another barrier to improve communication of the stroke survivors as well as those already visually impaired.

Because of this, they are unable to socialize with their friends, read news, learn or engage in compatible jobs.

What if they have a method that it reads the computer screen? These are “screen readers”.

These are available, but expensive.

How about if you have it free?

Yes, while I was searching for that kind of facility, I found one: nvaccess.

A free screen reader: nv (non-visual) desktop access

According to their website, in 2006, Michael Curran began to develop a screen reader that could be run on Windows. Later, James Teh joined him. These two blind men founded this non-profit organization: NVDA (non-visual desktop access. Now, volunteers from all over the world have translated this into more than 55 languages and won multiple awards.

This is open-source software. What does that mean? it means that anyone can download the code free and those with knowledge can improve it further for use.

Author: Ed Jerard

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