Learning resources for stroke carers

recovery attempts of the brain


This resource contains an excellent collection of learning materials from the University of Utah and the products are licensed under creative commons.

Stroke prevention

This European website provides a comprehensive list of resources to prevent stroke re-occurrence and promote a healthier lifestyle.

I will be adding more resources with time to this post. If you, the readers of this post wish to add more useful resources, I am inviting you all to write back.


This journal is a publication of the American Heart Association; some of its articles are in open access. In other words, we can read the full paper without a subscription.

Journal of Stroke

This is an open-access journal licensed under creative commons; that means anyone can use its content by giving due recognition for the journal as well as the authors of the article.

Physical Activity and Exercise Recommendations for Stroke Survivors

This is a detailed evidence-based scientific statement from the American Heart Association published in 2004 on the Circulation journal.

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